Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Message to Children of God

Monday, May 25, 2009


it took me such a long time to finally realize just how much OUR FATHER in Heaven loved me and everyone else. A very long time. Because of the abuse I went through with my own earthly father and other men in my life it is a wonder why it did take me so long. I had so much difficulty trusting men and in some ways I still have difficulty trusting some men and it does still take me longer.

But things have changed. My Eyes were opened to the love of God for me. I came to see that HE really did love me that HE really did care about me, That HE would never leave me nor forsake me HE would never abandon me. I came to see that no matter what I did my Heavenly Dad would never turn away from me and say you are not my daughter. I came to see just how much My PAPA GOD loved me and that HE was the only Father I truly needed and ever would need. In Fact I came to see that HE was the most perfect FATHER Ever. I came to Trust Jesus Christ 100% and to begin to finally fully Rely on Christ for all my needs with the knowledge of HIS love and the fact of knowing HE WAS Always going to take care of me in ever situation no matter what.

A Father that would never hurt me or upset me in any way. A Father that is always there for me no matter what and that would never lead me astray. A Father that is so amazing and so loving there isn't enough words to even talk about HIS love.

Because of a Best friend who lives miles away from me and her patience with me and constant talk about just How much God loves me and that I am perfect in God's eyes because HE created me I came to know what real love is all about and I came to understand how I myself could love those who had hurt me and how I could forgive those who had hurt me badly.

I want to share with you all how I realized God's love. It was through a video my best friend sent me that was on (originally called

About a man that had to choose to sacrifice his son and save a lot of people that were on a train or Safe HIS son but sacrifice the lives of so many that were on that train.

It finally brought me to the realization that I spoke of above.

WOW I said to my friend on the phone, I don't think I could ever choose to let my child die to save someone else or anyone else. That has to be so hard. Then I paused a bit when it finally hit me and I asked
But that's what God did for me isn't it? HE sacrificed HIS son HE allowed HIS son to be Crucified for me too didn't HE?

I was so so Happy. Never mind how happy my friend was that I had finally realized it. It was so wonderful to finally Feel God's Love to finally have my heart Opened to that true love of GOD.

So My question for you is this if you are having difficulty seeing God's love for you.

Would you sacrifice your child's life to save Others lives? Would you be able to do that? Seriously think about this question.

You see God Sacrificed the life of HIS only Son Jesus Christ for us. HE allowed HIS son to be brutally beaten and then nailed to a cross for us. HE sacrificed HIS son Jesus Christ so that we may live. Because HE Loves us so so much.

HE is OUR True FATHER. HE is PAPA God. HE IS THE WAY. HE is pure love.

OF all things that makes me cry it is the fact that God loves me and everyone else so very very much that HE Sacrificed HIS son on that cross for me.

So that I yet a sinner could live. So that I could be forgiven.. So that my slate could be wiped clean. Now that is true and utter love.

Truthfully the answer to the question for me could I ever do that? Could I ever sacrifice my own child if I had one to save someone else's live? The answer would be no I'm sure of it.

I love God so much it is the least that I could do to live for HIM to do as HE asks me to do. TO live the Way HE commands me to live and to Follow HIM but not just to Follow HIM

But to Pick up the Cross and Follow HIM.

Yes I became a Christian in Sept 2004 but it wasn't until Jan 2009 of this year of course that I fully understood God's love for me and what it meant. That I fully understood that in God's eyes I am not flawed at all and I am truly not nor could I ever be a mistake.

Why Because God loves me so much. Why Because Jesus Christ loves me so so much that HE died for me.

Why because I am a Creation of our Heavenly FATHER.

Thanks to a best friend who never gave up on me I was able to see the true Wonderful Gift that God has for every single one of us.

Of everything that matters to me in life this is the number one thing. One thing that I could never go without.

PAPA GOD has Saved me and delivered me from a life of depression among many other things through HIS love For ME. And Through me finally opening my heart to HIS love and the Love HE has for me and ME Finally becoming the obedient daughter that Christ intended me to be.

No I'm not perfect no one is which is why Christ had to die for us. For we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God.

But I am a Daughter of the most High. And I want to tell you that it's your decision if you have yet to make that decision to decide whether you want to follow Jesus Christ and accept HIM into your heart or not.

Everything will not be perfect. The struggles and storms will not go away but with Jesus Christ in your heart soul and Life it makes it easier. Let PAPA God carry you through your storms of life and praise HIM all the more for it.

Jesus didn't say Come to me accept me and I'll take away your problems and worries and burdens.

NO HE SAID if anyone chooses to follow me He MUST FIRST PICK UP HIS CROSS

We must pick up our cross.

I want to serve the FATHER in every way I can and I have picked up my cross. I will do as God has called me to do when I hear that call.

But God's love wowsers it's just too much to keep that knowledge to myself and I had to share it with you all and I pray that this note even if at all touches one person and helps one person to see the truth and not just to see that every word in the bible is true but to see that GOD'S LOVE FOR YOU IS OH SO VERY VERY MUCH THAT THERE IS SO MUCH OF HIS LOVE IT WOULD NEVER RUN DRY.

God bless you all
Love you all

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I WILL RISE Chris Tomlin

Just thought I would share this with everyone. It's an awesome song.


Matthew 15:1-20

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dealing with Depression from the Biblical perspective

Depression usually manifest itself when we do not live up to our OWN expectations or if we don't live up to "SOCIETY" or our Family's EXPECTATIONS..BUT IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN the only expectations that truly matter is CHRIST'S. One of the things that may start to happen is You start to FEEL bad, THUS begins the maddening cycle of depression. FIRST you just feel bad but don't really feel like doing your daily chores/work thinking, "I will just REST today and get to my work later"..And then LATER comes and more and more work is PILED up because you failed to do or finish the work from before so now you feel OVERWHELMED by your work load and so again "YOU FEEL TO BAD TO DO ANYTHING" and over time it gets worse and worse and it becomes easier to AVOID it then to DO IT. Next thing you know you are stuck in your bed not wanting to get out. And so they call this depression...


DO IT ANYWAY! No matter how you 'FEEL' do your work ANYWAY and then once you accomplish your work the tide will turn, a sense of accomplishment will come your way and you will feel better that you actually got it done. Because if you stay in bed, your still going to be depressed at the end of that day. However, if you do what you were suppose to do from the beginning at the end of the day you will be happier with a sense of accomplishment.

If you find it HARD to NOT follow your feelings and to get to work..PRAY TO JESUS for STRENGTH.....


Sometimes, Depression is because of un-confessed sins in our life (we are not living up to God's expectations) If you DO the things GOD asks of you God will see you out of your pits of depression. YES life is not guaranteed to be a piece of cake or Heaven on EARTH. But the moment we can truly PRAISE JESUS in the STORMS of our LIFE is the moment we start to come out of the pit. And God will give us TASTES of heaven which will help us through the tough times too.

And remember this quote...(Given to me by the Lord to share with all)


references: What to do when your depressed by Jay E. Adams

Friday, April 3, 2009

What is a Christian anyway? Part 2: LOVE

Saturday, March 21, 2009

So What is a Christian anyway?